“We have already sent our first shipment to Ghana as well as Guinea”

The Egyptian exporter Al Habony for Agricultural Imports and Exports has sent its first cargo of fresh goods to Ghana as well as Guinea it was announced Abdelkader Habony, the Director for the group.

“More than ever African nations are shifting towards Egypt for their food demands, thanks to our low production costs as well as the excellent year we enjoyed in Egypt for many of our crops. We will continue to build our presence on our position in the North African market, with the shipments we make to Morocco as well as Tunisia that have increased this year. In addition, we create new African markets each calendar year,”” added Abdelkader.

As per the company’s export records, “The quantities of exports made to African countries are still low, however, they are very hopeful as a beginning. Our exports are typically into Eastern Europe and the rest of European nations, and their increasing demand is also a sign of the year.”

As to the reason for the high demand for Egyptian agricultural products Abdelkader says “There is the high-quality evidently, but the cost is still a major element. Despite global rate of inflation, we’ve been able to maintain average prices at the same levels as in the previous season, with the exception of certain products which have seen decreases in production.”

Egypt has lower production cost compared to other countries within the region. This is due to an exchange rate reduction for the local currency that was decided in the first week of the year. This helps exports as well being a favorable climate to the most varieties of crop grown within Egypt.

“The Egyptian products most in the market are garlic, onions and carrots as well as potatoes, strawberries, sweet potatoes and oranges” According to Abdelkader, “We have less quantity of garlic and onions as compared to the previous year but we still have plenty of fresh and general produce in large quantities,” he concludes.

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Mr. Abalkader Alhabony

Alhabony Group

Tel: +201090999229

Email: elhboneyabdelkadee@gmail.com

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies