Egyptian garlic is able to enjoy two months without competition

Egyptian exporters and producers of garlic are set to start the season 2023/2024 in high spirits amid favorable conditions to Egyptian production, according to Mohamed Shaaban, CEO of Garlico.

“Everything suggests a great season. The harvest has been going smoothly with good quality, and size are excellent and better than last year. The shape is nice, and the plants are larger as well as larger cloves. The weather as well as the supply of water were excellent; there was no severe rains. The conditions for phytosanitary are excellent as is the supply free of pesticides as well as heavy metals. The distribution chain has been enhanced and stable in comparison to last year’s. Logistics are smooth and there has been no price increases.”

In regards to volume the volume is a 20% decrease than in the past, Shaaban declared: “However, we will export lower quantities of green garlic than in the past and dry garlic should be stable with enough quantity. The lower volume result from the switch of some growers to different crops due to the difficulties that were encountered this year due to production costs.”

Garlico is a brand that markets both white and red garlic with Chinese sizes and large cloves according to the manufacturer. “We offer sizes 40/50/60/70/75mm that have good percents of each size. Most readily available is the 50-60mm, which has 65%..”

Egyptian producers will start the campaign for garlic, even though there’s no competitors on the market “We can enjoy two months with no competition on market international market. Between June and the end of August China may enter the marketplace, but we are positive. We are able to offer more favorable tax rates on customs that China for the countries where we sell in bulk. We export, for instance, to Brazil with a customs taxes, while China exports at 33%..”

The most popular locations for Egyptian garlic include Brazil as well as the USA as well as Canada with an extremely high demand for dried garlic according to Shaaban which is following by Taiwan and Europe that have a stable medium demand. Finally, Greece, Palestine, and Poland which have lower quantities of green garlic.

Concerning the price, Shaaban says, “Prices are similar to the previous year. At the conclusion of Ramadan price are likely to increase, as amounts decrease.” Shaaban says “We can offer high-quality inspections through companies such as SGS to customers that wish to have quality documents.”

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies