Officials have set up a the red onion project in Perak Tengah

The Northwest of Malaysia In the Northwest of Malaysia, the Perak government will grow its farming operations through the creation of the BAW-1 cultivation of red onions project within Perak Tengah, targeting an about 40-hectare area.

The initiative is a follow-up to the success of an identical project in Sungkai. This time, the Perak State Agricultural Development Corporation (Perak SADC) together in conjunction with Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) is expected to lead this project. Datuk Mohd Zolkafly Harun highlighted that this project will utilize land within Lambor for the cultivation of red onions which will help the state achieve its desire to become a local manufacturing hub for red onions. Additionally, the plan is anticipated to meet the demand of the state for red onions. It could also expand to other districts that have appropriate cultivating conditions.

Despite the difficulties posed by heat and El Nino event, agriculture and animal production within Perak is unaffected. There are there being no reports of significant problems related to weather from either breeders or farmers.