“The communities as well as the business have been growing in tandem, enhancing the other”

“Our business model of management built on sharing value is a way to connect the effectiveness of our investment and economic viability with the growth of our employees as well as their communities” according to the website of Danper Danper, an Peruvian company that was founded in the year 1994 with the help of Rosario Bazan and Jorge Aranguri. It employs approximately 14,000 workers, making Danper an agro-exporting business one of the top employing companies in Peru.

Through the years The couple has established and bought various companies in the hope of diversifying their farming and marketing actions with respect to the products they produce and their regions of origin and destinations. Danper is the company’s parent is a major player in the twenty agricultural areas within Peru across a distance of 1,500 kilometers produces, packages and ships the blueberries and table grapes asparagus, avocados, artichokes and peppers as well as mangoes, the fruit of the earth, and quinoa. The production is conducted over 11,000 hectares, and the amount of product sold is approximately 130,000 tonnes. Alongside three warehouses that pack fresh produce, the business is also responsible for four processing plants that process canned goods One for frozen goods as well as another one to make convenience items.

Arantxa Nunez, Commercial Director of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables division as well as Jorge Aranguri, CEO of Danper.

The company is responsible for the development

“When we established Danper We were determined to building an exceptional business that was known not just for the superiority of its products but also for its role as a catalyst in development, which aims to improve the standard of life for its employees family members, their communities as well as the nation,” Jorge Aranguri explains. “In the late 1980s the time when our nation was in the grip of terrorism economic recession, massive inflation and the specter of terrorism There was not a business infrastructure whatsoever There were also few jobs. Many Peruvians fled to other countries to seek better opportunities. I was a student at Oxford however, just to pursue a degree, since I wanted to go back and help rebuild the nation.”

French buyers as well as the Danish partnership

While in Europe, Jorge met French and Dutch people selling white asparagus, mostly canned varieties of Navarre, the Spanish zone of Navarre. “Since the Spanish white asparagus was expensive, and they also knew that asparagus is also cultivated in Peru but I didn’t have any idea about, they inquired whether I would be able to assist them in exporting their product to France. I wrote to Rosario whom I was friend at the time, explaining the issue and she responded she was preparing a dissertation on the subject. How do you know… In the year I came back to Peru I got in contact with existing producers of canned items and signed an agreement with the French to oversee the import of their products. After seven years, we formed the joint venture together with two Danish partners, and created Danper. This is the reason for the name of Danper. As time passed, and in accordance to the agreement that was signed with our partners Rosario and I joined forces to consolidate the shares,” Jorge explains. Jorge.

Jorge Aranguri and Rosario Bazan and Rosario Bazan, who awarded Alejandro, who has worked for Danper since it was founded thirty years ago, with the recognition of his second year of secondary school through the CEBA program which Danper began in Peru along in conjunction with the Ministry of Education.

Dominus, Abracol, Eurandes and ASF

The Dominus business, which is specialized in mangoes, was established in 2007 before being acquired in 2019 by Rosario Jorge and Rosario Jorge in the year 2019. The year ahead, Dominus expects to market 16,000 tons of fruits that is frozen and fresh. Arbacol is a company that specializes in avocados, was a business that was founded in the year of the year 2019 in Colombia that complements the Danper production, allowing it for the supply of the avocado to international markets nearly every day during the entire year.

Marketing and import of fruit in Europe are handled by Eurandes the company that was founded in 2018and operates at its headquarters in Netherlands as well as Spain. The United States, All Season Fruits (ASF) is responsible for the export and marketing of fruits through its facility located in Philadelphia.

In the year 2004, Danper also started marketing fresh asparagus. At present, frozen asparagus accounts approximately 15% of all the products that Danper markets through Danper, the Peruvian firm. Rest of the products are sold fresh or canned equally. In order to achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency the vegetables and fruits are grown by the farmer themselves with 100% being the case for blueberries, 70% for the case of avocados, and 50 percent in the case of mangoes. Second class asparagus as well as blueberries, avocados as well as table grapes are shipped to the freezing and canning business. For artichokes and peppers in particular, certain cultivars are cultivated in this area. “We are the most significant exporter of canned artichokes all of the world,” Jorge Aranguri claims. “However we’re experiencing the highest growth for the fresh market.”

Certifications assure that there is a shared value

Director of the Peruvian Agro-exporting firm believes in social certifications are extremely significant, with ISO 45001, NSF, and EDGE stand out most. It is the top worldwide business certification and evaluation methodology for the equality of gender (Equity, Diversity and Gender Equality). “Here in Peru 40% of households are comprised of women who have no children. This is an alarming figure. It’s a sad fact. Danper we are committed to giving women the opportunity to succeed. In the interest of our nation, we work to stop children with motherless mothers from having a lack of access to education.”

Danper employs over 14,000 individuals.

In the words of Jorge Aranguri, it is difficult to get the various certifications required for a business that employs 14000 people. “For instance, in order to get an NFL certification, certifying bodies communicate with employees privately which is when they are not supervised by the boss, to describe how their company functions across a variety of fields including access to drinking water throughout the day and the accessibility of personal protective equipment and even access to medical services. We ensure that the rights to human and labor are protected for all employees as well as maintaining open communication with our employees. It is a fact that it is impossible for an employee to feel a connection with your company in the event that their basic rights do not get protected.”

Therefore, the significance of sharing value according to the head of Danper. “We definitely want to attain the goal of economic viability, but in the absence of having an impact on the issues that employees face then our efforts will not have worth. Communities and companies have been growing in tandem, strengthening the other. Our approach to sharing value requires placing our employees at the core of our company as well as our customers at the center of our plan, so that our profitability as a firm will be tied to the wellbeing and growth of our workers along with their families, and communities as well as protecting our environment. Since the beginning of our company has been established, we have emphasized three areas of focus which include education, health as well as gender equality.” states the director.

“When we established Danper We were determined to building a business that was recognized not just by the high-quality of its products but also for its role as a catalyst for development which aims to enhance the standard of living of Danper’s employees and their families, as well as their communities as well as the nation”

Find the perfect balance

Danper is a part of its production from growers in small-scale farms, that are given favorable finance options, as well as competitive rates for the raw materials they use and education, so they can provide the highest quality that is demanded in international markets. “As to expansion plans, we’ve taken a prudent approach and have taken a cautious method. Supplying our products to various markets in the appropriate time is crucial, and we know ahead of the places and times we’d like to increase the range of products we offer. A good example of this is the creation of Arbacol that allowed us along with the Peruvian supply of avocados for sale almost all week long.”

Finding the ideal balance is vital to the development of an international vertically integrated firm as per Jorge Aranguri. “It isn’t simple to find the perfect equilibrium between uncontrollable and controllable aspects. This is why innovation is the key to finding innovative strategies for doing things. Markets change, weather changes, and it’s not enough to stand and watch. You must be ready in these shifts,” Director says.

Arantxa Nunez, Commercial Director of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables division She says “in the actual fact this year because of climate change, the harvest of avocados will reduce by 16% according to the official data compiled by the industry. We and other producers believe the losses will be more and range from 25-30 percent, mostly because of the absence of big calibres. In a typical year we can achieve yields between 20 and 25 tons per hectare, in this year’s season certain regions won’t even reach 12 tonnes per hectare. We are also not seeing increased prices in order to make up the smaller volumes because there is a shortage of smaller sizes in Europe there’s an abundance of smaller size and are sourced not just from Peru however, as well as Spain, South Africa, Kenya and Colombia.”

“Therefore,” concludes Jorge Aranguri, “we need to look into new avocado and table grape varieties that are resistant to heat and adaptable to changing weather conditions. It is essential to place bets on research and innovation. Science is the only way provide us with a solution for these challenges in the near future.”

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