Vietnamese exports of fruits exploded in January

Exports of fruit from Vietnam exploded up to US$510 million during January, indicating an increase of 24.9 percent increase over December 2023 as well as a stunning 112.1 percent increase over the month of January in previous years as figures provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development discloses. Despite the challenges of 2023 the sector of fruits experienced a dramatic growth rate in the year, which included durian exports soaring to an all-time high of US$2.2 billion. That’s which is a 430.1 percent increase over the previous year. Other fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, mangoes and jackfruit helped to contribute significantly to the industry’s growth.

Experts in the field remain hopeful in the near future, pointing out Vietnam’s efforts to diversify its export markets that include those of the United States, the EU, Australia, and the Republic of Korea, and to seek the admission of additional fruits to the Chinese market using official channels. For sustained growth experts suggest a change in the way of thinking and managing and stress the importance of zones for raw materials to guarantee an adequate supply of raw materials and to leverage agreements on trade to increase markets.