BayWa, Bindewald and Gutting Muhlengruppe along with MULTIVAC form the AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance

BayWa Venture Ltd, the manufacturer of packaging machines and processing equipment MULTIVAC as well as Bindewald and Gutting Muhlengroup. Bindewald as well as the Gutting Muhlengruppe are jointly investing approximately 20 million euros in AgriFoodTech startups.

Innovative solutions to sustainable food production. That is the aim of the recently rebranded AgriFoodTech Venture GmbH. It is founded on the activities that are already in place at BayWa Venture GmbH, a affiliate to BayWa AG . In the last three years, in its role as the branch of investment for BayWa AG, it has invested in 12 promising AgriFoodTech startup companies that are helping to create value chains in the sector of food more environmentally sustainable.

The largest milling family in Germany, a family-owned group, Bindewald and Gutting along with MULTIVAC which is a supplier of packaging and processing solutions and packaging solutions, will join in the commitment to become shareholders in the near future. as part of an capital growth of more than 10 %, they’re investing in equal shares of BayWa Venture Ltd and was named AgriFoodTech Venture Ltd. BayWa retains the majority shareholding holding 51 percent.

“The reality that our collaboration with startups has resulted in this partnership is an incredible success,” states Marcus Pollinger, CEO of BayWa AG. “With joining the AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance, we are now a strategic investor in the market, and could further strengthen our position as an active creator of agriculture and food processing.”

The current BayWa venture start-up portfolio, which includes twelve growth businesses in Europe, Israel and the USA will join the partnership. Through the combined investment sum the portfolio will expand to include around 20 new start-ups . The primary focus of the collaboration is financing startups that make use of new technology in order to make food production as well as packaging less expensive and more eco-friendly.

Impact, cooperation and investment Rethought

AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance will act in both the capacity of a financial investor and a co-operation partner. Apart from conventional financing, start-ups are also able to benefit from the worldwide network of connections and entrepreneurial as well as tech-savvy expertise of the alliance partners. These alliance partners on their own, could effectively bring the expertise and efficiency of startups to their own businesses. The goal is developing new and innovative technologies to improve food production, the alliance partners can create a efficient and sustainable alliance.