Mexican papaya industry gathers to discuss ways to enhance the safety of papaya

Over the past 4 years ProExport Papaya has led the field of education, training as well as research, advice and surveillance actions to ensure the execution of systems to reduce risk from contamination within the Mexican Papaya Industry. Members of the Association are taking measures above those of the foreign and national ones, SENASICA action plan for papaya as well as SH legislation with the goal in enhancing the quality and safety for our products ProExport Papaya said in the statement.

Mexican Papaya Industry members during a recent conference.

“Our purpose is to ensure the safety of our sector and the consumers we serve. As of the close of this year, Pasau CENAsiCA and foreign companies like Food DHd sent a warm invite to regulatory bodies in the country including The Aaminisuauional Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) and Texas Neau Association to join to associations with whom we’ve collaborated during this period. as Produce Association (TIPA). Its purpose was to showcase how these steps are implemented in the businesses who are a part of our group and could be a part of our annual assembly of the ProExport Papaya.

In the month of January, 2024, we presented the invitation to join to conduct an educational trip to several papaya production facilities in the state of Veracruz. On this trip, representatives of the invited associations and authorities had the opportunity to witness firsthand what the industry has pushed among its members to improve Mexican papaya security practices in the past few years.

Following that, SENASICA, FDA, IFPA and TIPA joined us for the Annual Assembly of the Mexican papaya industry, which was held in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The meeting was attended by representatives from FDA, SENASICA, IFPA and TIPA. our results from the 2023 work plan and defined the main goals of the 2024 plan of work. The meeting highlighted the importance of having an open discussion between the authorities and industry (owners and security personnel) in which the issues were discussed as well as the measures and the work that was implemented at all stages of this Mexican Papaya Industry.


In the case of the Mexican papaya industry exporting to the US as represented through ProExport Papaya, this meeting was historic and immense significance. This is the result of the coordination as well as the synergies developed over the course of more than four years working with government agencies like SENASICA as well as the FDA in addition to with various associations like TIPA and the IFPA as well as TIPA. Collaboration between the synergies have resulted in an ongoing improvement in the system for reducing risk of contamination in the papaya industry. It has also emphasized the self-regulation emphasized through ProExport Papaya and its members.

We believe that this conference will improve the bonds of cooperation between us and strengthen our synergies to everyone in the production chain of the Mexican papaya sector, but foremost, to the good of health for all,” the statement ends.

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