“This is the next step that will open the way for the variety of apple being grown in various countries , and being sold through the Soluna(tm) label”

The Bravo(r) apple has been running somewhat late this year, but the fruit should be harvested by mid-April around Australia. Harvesting will begin at Western Australia – Perth Hills or Stanthorpe Queensland.

“We anticipate that the volume will rise by about 10-15% in the 2022 season , but it’s a decrease from our initial estimate as due to severe weather conditions throughout the Goulburn Valley,” said Rebecca Blackman Director of Operations at WA Farm Direct which is the Australian licensed holder of the varieties.

“The quantity of the premium fruits is likely to be affected by the rainier weather, but overall it is more likely to be a victim of issues with quality due to the rainier weather. This could be challenges to the national production. However, we are confident that farmers in the program are able to handle all issues that may occur in order to provide consumers with an excellent quality and taste of Bravo apples that people in Australia, Middle East & Asia enjoy.”

The cultivar ANABP 01 which produces Bravo(r) apples can currently be produced in Australia and is under active consideration for commercializing this variety in select important regions through TopStar A co-venture of Star-Fruits (France) along with TopFruit (South African) along with Australian licensing owner Fruit West and marketer WA Farm Direct to implement an effective strategy to develop globally.

The trademark of Bravo in Europe as well as the USA could not be achieved, and therefore a decision was taken to change the brand name beyond Australia in the name of Soluna(tm). Soluna(tm) is a Soluna(tm) trademark is owned through TopStar Alliance and by Fruit West Cooperative in Australia.

The variant, ANABP 01, was created by the renowned apple breeder John Cripps who also developed the Cripps Pink variety, which is now gaining prominence as part of the Pink Lady brand, in 1992, as part of the West Australian government breeding programme. Today, there are more than 90 cultivators producing the variety across Australia and it is sold under the name Bravo(r) within Australia as well as Soluna(tm) worldwide.

The next step is opening the way for the variety of apple which can be grown various nations and the fruit to be will be sold through Soluna(tm) brand. Soluna(tm) brand. It will also create the capacity for capturing the largest market.

Australian farmers are placed to capitalize on the international potential, having established themselves as experts in the development of this variety, which is localized as the Bravo(r) apple label.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies