In the coming Polish apple harvest anticipated to be smaller in volume

While certain Polish exporters of apples are removing the remaining stock, other companies focus on the next season. Jan Nowakoski, manager of Polish distribution company Genesis Fresh, states that the weather has been favorable for this year’s harvest: “So far, we’ve enjoyed fairly favorable conditions for cultivating apples. There are fewer days of rain as compared to the last year at the same period. We hope that it won’t be a summer that is dry and with more heat like the one we experienced during the summer of Western Europe last season.”

The Polish fruit harvest in the coming year will decrease from the previous year, says Nowakowski. Certain varieties will be less accessibility than other varieties. “Despite the fact that harvest is still quite a ways off it is evident that we will see smaller quantities of apples of Poland this year as compared to the prior one. We expect that there will lower numbers of Jonagold apple varieties, and also apples from that Golden Delicious variety. We are fortunate to be able to get plenty of Royal Gala, it seems.”

Demands for the new crop have already begun to arrive from different continents. Nowakowski says: “We’re expecting good demand for Polish apple varieties in the coming season. Gala, Golden, and Red apple varieties are popular each year. Export volumes also grow each year and we’re able offer increasing quantities of top-quality apple varieties to markets across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.”

While there were several very frigid nights in Poland around a month back, there was any major effect on harvest. The apples have an extended way to go. Nowakowski declares: “There was minimal frost throughout the first part of spring and has not had a significant impact on the apples this year. In light of the record-breaking volume of the previous year, trees are fatigued and may produce less fruit this time. However, it’s still not yet too early to know exactly the figures for the next apples’ quantity. In order to do this, we’ll need to wait until mid-July. of July.”

“Due to the recent changes in temperature We will be watching conditions for the possibility of hailstorms in the fall and summer months. It will impact on the quality of apples. Conditions like humidity, weather and temperature will exert most impact on the amount and the quality of fruit,” Nowakowski concludes.

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Jan Nowakowski

Genesis Fresh

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies