Dole donates bananas to Wuxi Marathon

The 2023 Wuxi Marathon started on the 19th of March at Taihu Lake. Dole is a 100-year-old fruit brand, has offered the healthy energy of vegetables and fruits assistance during this year’s “Cherry Blossom Marathon” over the past seven seasons, allowing 33,000 runners participate along the shores of Lihu Lake.

Since its inception in 2016, Dole has partnered with the Wuxi Marathon, and in the past seven years it has supplied abundant and varied vegetables and fruits to the participants. The year 2017 was the first time Dole came back with its super sweet banana. It is considered the top fruit that is viewed by athletes, and provided an “super-energetic” Wuxi Marathon experience for runners, with “super sweetness as well as super energy and power”.

Super strong, hundred-year Dole offers excellent quality

The Dole brand was established in 1851 and “reputation founded on the quality of its products” is the principle Dole adheres to. Since the first delicious and sweet pineapples were grown in Hawaii The banana industry began in 1899, and now has a been in existence for more than 120 years.

To let Asian customers taste more fresh fruits, Dole began to grow bananas in the Philippines in the year 1966. Additionally, Dole also has nurseries in Ecuador as well as Vietnam in order to produce top-quality bananas.

The Ultra-high Highland Planting is distinct

Dole’s private banana farm is situated in Mindanao which is which is the “hometown of the bananas” located in the Philippines. Mindanao is located in a tropical monsoon climatethat is appropriate for the growth of bananas.

Super sweet with high sugar content, and an energy booster that is fast-released

This is the reason the prolonged growth process in the cycle that sugar levels in Dole super sweet bananas may increase to 23 brix when they are fully mature. The fructose content in bananas is able to quickly regenerate energy and is an excellent supplement for marathons.

All-purpose arenas make your super-active

From 2022 onwards, Dole has cooperated with Minions IP, a subsidiary of Universal Pictures, to launch several banana items that were well-received when they entered Fresh Hema and other supermarkets. Dole has also been the very first banana manufacturer which Minions collaborated to market in China. Furthermore, there’s many high-energy sports in the field that allow runners to unwind and get warm prior to the sport.

Running marathons has been an option for people living in urban areas to lead a healthy lifestyle. Since the year 2015, Dole has continuously supported important domestic events, and supported 58 marathons in addition to 2.2 millions bananas. The future is bright for Dole. Dole is also able to fulfill the promise of letting many more people take advantage of high-quality food as well as partner with sporting events, and promote the benefits of a healthy way of life.

Source: Dole Company

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies