Price pressures producers to grow and grow more of their vegetables.

Ukrainian farmers Vitaliy Bilan is of the opinion that the market for vegetables offers all the necessary conditions for expansion. The farmer is convinced that the crops of potatoes, cabbage onions, and carrots are the primary things farmers must provide to the nation when in war.

Certain positions in the market for vegetables encourage farmers to plant and increase their crops this year. This is an occurrence that happens regularly due to the fact that markets and its prices encourage farmers.

The farm business “Pan Bilan” is a diverse company which cultivates100 hectares of land. Its main goal is growing greenhouses. The land is also open zones with set borscht vegetables. There are three hectares or more of peaches, and 1.5 acres of cherries that are sweet.

According to a farmer, the harvest of this year’s vegetables can be difficult to estimate because of the unpredictable weather conditions and the war. But, Ukrainian farmers focus on getting their crops planted on time, and using all the fertilization needed so that they can grow their vegetables as quickly as is possible during conflict and the economic turmoil.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies