Vietnamese producers of fruit should intensify their plans to stop price decreases

In recent times, several farms located in the southern region in Tra Vinh Province reported losses as the cost of many types of fruits like mango pomelo, orange, and mango decreased over the past few months. According to Nguyen NHU Cuong Director of the Ministry’s Department of Crop Production, numerous kinds of fruits were planted in the past times. That is, the farmers didn’t follow a plan instead, they pounded the market for quick profit. Increases in the fruit production and area caused an increase in supply which made it more difficult to consumers, Cuong said. This led to the price of a variety of fruits dropped.

In the year 2018 department asked local authorities to preserve the plantation of orange in the 84,000-ha range according to the plans, but the plantation’s orange area is now 97,000 ha.

Le Xuan Truong, Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection The department’s deputy director said the expansion of the plantation area and the production of citrus has created a challenge for farmers.

According to Cuong rather than expanding the area of plantation, businesses and farmers should concentrate on creating brands, enhancing the value of their products and standardizing the process all the way from harvest to cultivation as well as distribution and processing in order to create an entire value chain for the production of fruit.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies