Pakistan is experiencing a price rise for fruits and vegetables. price rises dramatically before Ramadan

There are just two weeks prior to the beginning of Ramadan The prices of various food items, including vegetables and fruits, have risen dramatically in Pakistan. Numerous people have voiced their displeasure over the high costs of fruit. The rabid profit-making was already setting the scene for huge profits since the prices have been soaring to prepare for the holy Ramadan month. Ramadan. This is why people find it more difficult to purchase these vital products of food.

A fruit seller in Ghauri Town is selling one kilogram of apples along with 12 bananas at an astonishing price of around Rs.450. In response to questions about the motive of the sudden increase in costs, he mentioned an effect of dominos that came from the vendors of The Fruit and Vegetable Market.

In addition to fruits, all other veggies are sold for ridiculous prices, ranging from around the range of Rs 100-350 per kilogram. As an example, a kilogram of cucumber was offered at Rs 100, tomato for Rs 80 and onions at 180 rupees and peas for Rs 120 and potato for Rs 60 and garlic for the price of Rs 440 and ginger for around 800 dollars at Ghauri Town and surrounding areas.

[ Rs100 = EUR0.33 ]


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies