Scottish potato farmers on an aid mission for Ukraine

The group consisting of Scottish potato farmers have started an aid effort for Ukraine. The farmer Mark Laird from Kirriemuir worked in Poland as well as Ukraine for a long time. The Central Plains Group (CPG) is a group of farmers who operate in Ukraine operates across the UK and has been able to increase its initial aim of supplying 100 vehicles for the Ukrainian causes. So far, 65 vehicles from the past and all of them with valid MOTs were given away.

The Laird says: “I have strong connections with Ukraine and really desire to do my part in helping. I am convinced that the Ukrainians of Ukraine are able to create an unbreakable frontier with Russia and their conflict is one that affects the entire world. The concept behind pick-ups is very simple. These vehicles have the ability to reach the frontline, and to places which can literally save lives, as they have already accomplished this. A large portion of the work they’ll be doing is getting those who are in the east of the country back to safety west, if it is it is possible.”

The first group of convoys has brought over PS170,000 worth of blankets, potatoes and other essential things like diesel cans cables, battery chargers and drones, jump leads, tire belts for fans the ratchet strap and winter jackets.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies