Moldovan producers of concentrates are expected to process nearly 50 percent of all apples during the 2022-2023’s season.

The representatives of representatives of Association Speranta Con believe that this year’s the apple processing process will conclude between the end of March and early April, which is about 1.5 months before previous seasons. Because of the extreme temperature rise and the resulting rapid decline in the quality of concentrate apples this is a good bet that 2/3 of the businesses operating this spring will end their purchases of apples during this month.

Based on a preliminary analysis by experts from the association The factories are expected to process approximately 200 000 to 210 000 tonnes of apples from the 2022 crop by the close of the season. Previous years the factories bought 350 000 to 370 000 tonnes raw materials for the processing.

According to the factory’s managers management, the decrease in concentration of apples is due to three major causes. There was a dramatic decrease in the amount of apple harvested in Moldova the past year. It was between 400000-420 000 tonnes, compared with the 660 000 tonnes expected in 2021.

Second, as a result of negative news coming from traditional market for apples as well as purchasing energy sources, Moldovan agricultural producers and traders packed fewer of their apple in storage to be sold in the winter and spring of last year and spring, however they had higher-quality. As per estimates by experts, EastFruit reported that by the middle of March, around sixty thousand tonnes apple were stored throughout Moldova, i.e. about 20-30% less than similar times in the previous seasons. It’s not simple to sell this volume, however it is quite feasible to make this amount available up to June, inclusively in”the “fresh marketplace”.

In addition, due to the rising cost and uncertain prospects of selling the concentrate throughout the fall-winter months of the time of year Moldovan processing companies do not wish to hike the purchase costs for apples that exceed 1.9-2 MDL/kg ($0.10/kg) during the spring. In the meantime that in the local wholesale market, the apples with smaller sizes are being offered almost three times as expensive.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies