Turkey was the primary supplier of fresh fruits to Ukraine by 2022.

Based on Bohdan Dukhnytskyi, who is a top researcher in the Department of Agricultural Production Economics and International Integration of the National Research Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics,”” Ukraine imported 220,000 tons of fruit from Turkey in 2022. This is the highest figure of all nations that supply these goods.

He also noted that Turkey was the primary source of nuts and fruits to Ukraine over the past five years. For 2022, the share of Turkey in value of Ukrainian imports of fruit was 30.7 percent. Overall, by 2022, exports of fresh fruits and nuts for Ukraine were $663 million. This is 21% lower than the total of $835 million for 2021.

Ukrainian businesses made substantial purchase of fruit in Ecuador The average was 13.4 percent. Less fruit was purchased from Greece (6.3 percent), Colombia (5%), Spain (4.7%), Costa Rica (4.6 percent) along with Egypt (4.3 percent). Collectively, these seven countries made up 69% of the total value in the exports of items from this group towards Ukraine by 2022.

Source: ukrinform.net

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies