Cambodian mangoes: demand is up however, production slows

Fresh mango exporters claim that the demand for mangoes coming from foreign markets, including China has begun to increase. But, Cambodian mango production has fallen in early 2023. Hun Lak, CEO of Tropicam Fruit and Vegetable Ltd., which is one of the country’s most important mango exporters, stated that in 2021-2022, mango prices fell due to Chinese locking downs. Hun Lak also said that the rising transport costs are also an obstacle for exports.

“These causes led to a lot of mango growers quitting the trade or even destroying the plantations,” he added. “This caused lower this year’s mango harvest. The demand from China has increased as shipping costs have decreased, meaning that consumers are again placing huge orders. However, we’ve got only a small amount of mango output.”

Van Rithy the head of exports at the agri-machinery company Angkor Green, agreed that mango production in Cambodia has decreased, however prices have increased. In the period from Oct. 2022 till date the availability of mangoes has declined between 50 and 70 percent when compared with similar times prior to the year.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies