Wegmans Food Stores is recalling their Frozen Chopped Spinach

Wegmans Food Stores is recalling its Frozen Spinach across the country. The company is concerned there is a chance that Frozen Spinach may be potentially be contaminated by bugs. The company issued a recall of Frozen Spinach on the 20th of March. The company is still not able to reveal details of what led to the contamination. At present sales of the contaminated items are being stopped, and every known stock is being removed from retailers all over the nation.

The recall affects a variety of packs made Steamable Vegetables – Frozen Chopped Spinach 12 Oz.

The recalled products were readily available in all over the United States and are sold at major retail stores in addition to Wegmans stores. People could have purchased the affected goods from the nearest Walmart, Target, and other retail outlets that are major.

The frozen produce item that has been recalled has the UPC number of 77890-36964-7 and it has inkjet codes in the interval between K30247 20:25 to K30247 22:14. The packages of the recalled frozen produce are also accompanied by the date of best before “JUL 24-24.”

Return the item at the desk of service to receive a complete refund.

More information is available here:

Wegmans Food Stores

Tel. : +1-855-934-3663

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies