Delhi couple produces 350 lettuce heads and 250 head of spinach each week at their backyard farms

“We grow 500 organic heads of crop each week. These are offered for sale at 30 rupees per head. It’s a total profit in the region of 15,000 rupees (~180 USD) each week. The monthly earnings amount to the sum of 60,000 rupees (~725 USD) Peter shares. It’s an excellent source of income from the side and requires minimal effort. Two people could achieve this feat in a small 10×16-foot installation, and it’s made by two persons who count 10,000 plants.” Peter Singh, Co-founder of Aanant Aquaponic Farms, proudly discloses.

Along together with wife Neeno, Peter Singh from New Delhi has constructed a low-tech vertical farm within their backyard. “We love doing this and are particularly excited to offer our fresh, organic fresh-picked greens with the public to enjoy and reap the benefits of nutrition from it,”” Peter’s wife explains.

The 10 by 16-foot (~15m2) model comes with an inverter AC which keeps the temperature at an even 25°C. In addition, there is lighting to the plants that are grown in the unit, such as the spinach and lettuce. Utilizing both vertical and the horizontal racks for growing, Peter is maximizing the whole area for cultivation. Through their own aquaponic recirculating system which feeds plants by a continuous flow of water and nutrients.

“In 2015., we were informed about aquaponics. We then began learning about the subject. We initially created a pilot system in the backyard of our home in Delhi. After establishing two units as pilots and experimenting, the story unfolds. We’re working on developing better aquaponic and permaculture techniques now to assist in producing food.” Peter says.

The racks on the vertical side are used to help germinate plants within the growing medium, and afterward they’ll be transferred to the towers. 5 layers of seeds are placed. Each week, one layer of lettuce gets planted, so production is the same. Peter says that according Peter, according to Peter and the denseness of the lettuce that the space with stacks of layers can generate 350 heads of lettuce per week. 250 head of spinach every week.

According to what Peter says to her Neeno is the expert on plants tells us that each tray contains 30 plants. To that, the lower layer has the smallest of plants. Once you’ve climbed each layer, you’ll have ‘one week’s age’ between.

Following a week of the germination process, as Neeno states, they’ll be transferred to pots. After two weeks after that, they’ll be placed into pots that measure 3 inches, and will grow in the pots until the roots start to grow out. When the roots have grown enough to take in nutrients, they’ll be put inside the aeroponic towers which is where the crop will be until they become fully mature heads. Alongside spinach and lettuce Bok Choy, beetroot leaves and celery are most recent additions to the farm’s family.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies