Price distress for mango in Chittoor district of India

Within the Chittoor district mango growers are facing difficulties in getting the government-funded cost for their crop. In spite of Chittoor as well as Tirupati Collectors having set the minimum price for support at 30000 rupees per tonne however, a trader syndicate has offered prices that are well less than that. This has put farmers in a financially precarious position as they’re unable to cover their investment expenses or earn profits.

The farmers are protesting against the system that has failed to protect their interests. A majority of orchards have been planted with the Totapuri variety. This year’s yield dropped dramatically to 10% to 20% of the normal harvest. The reduction in yield, combined with the high demand and limited availability, caused producers to expect higher prices. But the truth was starkly different and a trader’s cartel requiring the sale of products at significantly lower prices.

When the season began at the beginning of the season, prices were Rs 28,000 per ton, however it’s since fallen to around 22,000 rupees, with reports of some sales reaching the rate of Rs 20,000. The traders from neighboring States in Karnataka as well as Tamil Nadu initially offered Rs 28,000 for mangoes from Totapuri, however, local traders and the pulp industry quickly formed an group that slashed these prices which led to a significant price decrease. Farmers say that Rs. 300,00 per ton would be enough to pay for their costs. They consider that Rs 28,000 is a fair minimum. However, any price reduction could negatively impact their financial security.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies