Alonso mango period in India has a chance of crashing early

The wholesalers of fruits from Market Yard have indicated that Market Yard has indicated that the Alphonso mango season that is taking place in India is likely to close in the next week. This is principally due to the detrimental consequences of the unseasonal rainfall. This has resulted in the availability of more mangoes, particularly from regions such as Karnataka and Karnataka, which have disrupted the markets. The extreme weather patterns that have been characterized by unexpected rain and strong winds are a major factor in the current mango crop, leading to problems for farmers, and ultimately resultant in higher costs. As a result this year, the Alphonso mango has been more difficult to access for a wider market.

There is a notable drop in mango purchases. This is due to the price hikes and unpredictable weather. Customers express displeasure over price increases and the potential for spoilage that has discouraged consumers from purchasing the mangoes normally. As we approach the close season of mango season has vendors as well as consumers anticipating the effects, and concerns over the quality of the fruit and its affordability essential.

The comments of people who are in the market confirm the feelings of sadness and anxiety over the price and quality of the mangoes in this season. Wholesalers have reported that the lack of rainfall over the last three years have negatively affected mango sales. Expectations for a great season hindered by unpredictable weather. The price of the mangoes varies depending on the severity of rainfall, which is damaging the mangoes as well as reducing enthusiasm even in the high-demand season.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies