Plantations International Increases Durian Farming Operations

Plantations International recently disclosed plans to augment their Organic Musang King durian plantation in Pahang, Malaysia, introducing an extra 1,500 trees. This development aims to cater to the burgeoning global demand for this exotic fruit.

“Our choice to broaden our operations wasn’t merely reactionary; it was a calculated response to a worldwide demand that far exceeds the existing Organic Musang King Durian supply within Malaysia,” shared Dr. Raymond Samy, the group’s Country Director.

Dr. Samy pointed out that this escalating international thirst for durians isn’t limited to neighboring nations like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. He noted a marked rise in appetite from Western countries, including Australia, the United States, and the Netherlands.

At the heart of the Plantations International’s Organic Musang King Durian philosophy is a focus on deliberate and sustainable expansion. Dr. Samy remarked that novice farmers often err by haphazardly acquiring extensive plots without full comprehension of the nuances and costs tied to durian agriculture.

“We are committed to conscious growth that takes environmental considerations into account, all while consistently refining our operations with each successive stage,” Dr. Samy elaborated.

“In line with our continuous improvement strategy, we embrace innovative methodologies to bolster yield rates. Incremental expansion allows us the opportunity to apply lessons learned and improvements gained from each phase to the next,” he concluded.