Plantations International joins European Association for Business and Commerce

Bangkok, January 29, 2021 – Plantations International Co. Limited in Bangkok, Thailand which is a part of the Plantations International group of companies, is very pleased to announce that it has been inducted into the European Association for Business and Commerce.

The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC), established in 2011, aims to be the unified voice of the European business community in Thailand. EABC’s objectives are to advocate member interests, to support European business in Thailand and to promote Thailand as an attractive partner for European foreign investment and trade. EABC acts as the European chamber of commerce in Thailand, covering all EEA (European Economic Area) states, and the UK not just EU states.

The EABC is committed to working closely with European businesses, the Royal Thai Government, the EU Institutions, and the Chambers of Commerce as well as counterparts in Thailand, in ASEAN, and in Europe. Every year EABC issues position papers with recommendations by the European business community in Thailand for the Thai government.

Plantations International recognizes the European Union as key export destination for its Agarwood, Durian, Cassava, Mango and Bamboo products. Asia based Plantations International and its management company United Tropical Fruit are committed in fostering closer ties with the European Union and thus has opened representative office in Luxemburg and in Geneva, Switzerland.

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