Dhenkanal district delivers the first cargo of Amrapalli mangoes to Dubai

Because of the abundance of mango harvest that was abounding in the Dhenkanal district, Dhenkanal district clinched the top place in the state thanks to the harvest of 50,000 tonnes of mangoes. Although this fruit typically is in high demand in Indian metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi however, in this particular year an entire consignment of 2.5 tonnes of Amrapalli mangoes were shipped in Dubai in Dhenkanal to Dubai for the first time in history.

The District Collector, Saroj Kumar Sethi launched the shipment for export at the side of the district Horticulture department Assistant Director Geetashree Padhi, the eastern zonal chief of APEDA Sitakanta Mandal Sitakanta Mandal members of India and Eastern board member for the eastern region Sukanta Kumar Panigrahi Paaf Global Private Limited executive director Subrat Ghosh and mango producer Subrat Das was also in attendance.

Source: orissapost.com

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies