Sands from the Alluvial create ideal soil conditions to grow grapes on the Yellow River plains

Recently, the Chinese production of fruit has improved by increasing not just output however, also in quality.

One of the most recent trends is the growing production of domestic grapes throughout the nation. Shandong province located in China’s North East is proving to be a great place to grow grapes.

He Heng is the overseer of a variety of grape orchards that are being planted in the route of the old Yellow River in the Southern Dezhou Ecological Zone located in Shandong Province.

“There is a sandy loam soil that is found in the plain that flows into the Yellow River. The soil is air permeability and a strong capacity to regulate dryness and wetness as well as being rich in organic matter as well as minerals. This is the ideal place for the grapes to flourish. Furthermore, the geographical position at 37 degrees north latitude provides excellent growing conditions” According to He Heng.

Grapevines in Shandong Province

“We believe in cultivating high-quality grapes on our own and we have incorporated an exemplary fruit production model within China, “enterprise + cooperative + farmer” model. It allows us to make wine grapes grow from 30 mu (2 acres) up to a vineyard starting point of over 3000 mu (200 acres)” He Heng adds.

A portion of the grapes are offered to local wineries, that arranges for growers to cultivate according to a contract for each year. This helps growers solve selling issues and allows the farmers to focus on managing and enhance the quality of their wine.

Because of its distinctive ecological sources, the project developed a winery made of natural materials that integrates primary, second, and tertiary wines. Primarily, the production consists of plantation in organic wineries. Secondary production comprises wine cellars and processing as well as sales offices. The tertiary sector is the one that includes tourism that drives selling of wines, grapes and also promotes the growth of regions.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies