Serbia anticipates a 15% an increase in 2023’s blueberry season.

The blueberry industry in Serbia is optimistic and is expecting a good 2023 harvest season for blueberries beginning in the next month (June) which will result in an increase of 15% in production expected. It follows a mild spring that saw minimal frost damage, and with a typical expected season to come.

Based on Julka Toskic of The Serbia Does Fruit Association: “Some estimates that are not official suggest that Serbia could be able to produce quantities of seven to 7500 tonnes. It is estimated that the blueberry season is expected to begin early June. This provides an opportunity to Serbian blueberry farmers to sell their fruits in the least of two weeks ahead of others in the region.”

According to her, there are around 500 hectares of contemporary blueberry plantations in Serbia which will soon be and then a substantial growth in the volume of blueberries that are fresh in the country, with 6,500 tons being harvested by 2022.

“Our contemporary production process is accompanied by storage capacities that are calibrated and packing machines. A larger portion of our blueberry production is covered by high-quality standards. Value of exports are increasing each year. Our value in 2022 grew to EUR27.19 million from 358 million euros in 2018. Serbian blueberry growers export their blueberry products into 23 markets for export. The top five destinations are The Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Poland and Great Britain. This proves that Serbia is among the biggest European blueberry-producing countries.” says Toskic.

But, Serbian blueberry producers face similar challenges to producers from other nations, says Toskic. “The rising costs of production as well as the rising cost of inflation, and a moderate consumption of the berries around the world. Yet, this is an exciting industry, and at the very least, in 5 years,, global blueberry production will fall than the world demand. Thanks to the plans of Serbia Does Fruit Association, Serbia Does Fruit Association, we are confident that over the years ahead, Serbian blueberry farmers will have a good position in the blueberry world and more easily recognized.”

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies