Sananbio announces three brand new varieties following tests on the products

“We’re eager to present the most recent developments in vertical agriculture, presented to you by us. Though certain restrictions have made it difficult to grow varieties grown on indoor vertical farms, our committed team has been seeking out new avenues of growth,” the Sananbio team is proud to share.


Sananbio the manufacturer of equipment for vertical agriculture and solutions recently concluded an exhaustive product development and testing test. The company has launched three new varieties of crops successfully grown on its farm vertically which includes cucumber, watermelon as well as sweet bell peppers.


“Through careful research and testing The R&D team has successfully overcome the difficulties of a controlled atmosphere which has resulted in the creation of delicious and healthy yields. This achievement is a testament to our determination to improve our products and a nimble approach.”

Sweet peppers

The group added “We constantly research new technology and techniques that can propel farming towards increased eco-friendliness as well as efficacy.”

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies