Hailstorms affect agriculture in northern Kashmir as well as Himachal

In the afternoon on Sunday the north Kashmir region’s Tangmarg was struck by a drastic shift in the weather that led to hail storms that have has caused a significant amount of damage to the agriculture sector. The most affected areas include Ferozpora, Chek Ferozpora, Chek Triran, Chandilora, and Wahipora as well as the adjacent areas that include Tambarhama, Kulham, Darhama, Badrakot, Ringwali, Bamma Kohl, and Gogoldar. The storm has caused significant damage to orchards of fruit as well as many owners experiencing massive loss. According to thekashmirimages.com, the heavy hailstones left fruit trees in a devastated condition, greatly diminishing the expected yield.

Hailstorm wreaks havoc on Himachal mango crop

About 15 15% of the mango production located in Hamirpur was destroyed by the hailstorm. In this year’s harvest, mango producers in the district were hoping for a large harvest following an earlier season with low production. The production of mango encompasses more than 2,500 hectares and the annual yield of more than 1,200 tonnes. In the region there are hybrid and indigenous mango varieties play an important contribution to the daily lives of the farmers.

A farmer in the local area, who is who is from Bhumpal village located in the Nadaun subdivision observed the most beautiful blooms of his mango trees, and was hoping for an income of around $40,000. He was however concerned about weather that could affect his hopes. According to the Meteorological Department has forecasted unfavorable weather conditions in the coming days, which has caused anxiety for mango farmers within the district.

Source: tribuneindia.com

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies