Resistance-tested varieties in Turkiye and are now showing the same performance in Spain

In the region that is fertile of Almeria and in particular El Ejido, Manier Seeds has recently organized an event to discuss fighting against the Tomato Brown Rugose Virus (ToBRFV). Their experiments, which featured the variety of resistant tomato kinds, attracted an eclectic crowd that included technical experts at Manier Seeds, local cooperatives as well as independent growers.

The tests featured a range of different varieties of tomatoes. These included varieties that were loose like tomatoes, cluster varieties as well as pink varieties, along with Marmande varieties. The varieties were tested in Turkiye and have now been demonstrating their effectiveness in Spain. “The result has been positive and the tomatoes have shown strong resistance to ToBRFV an infection that has presented many challenges for farmers around the globe” According to the research team.

“Our study and research activities in Turkiye are truly fruitful at the moment in Spain,” remarked one of Manier Seeds’ technical experts. “The resistance of our tomato varieties to ToBRFV is a key method to combat the disease.”

“The resistant of the tomatoes against ToBRFV is amazing,” said a representative of an agricultural cooperative in the area. “We are thrilled about what these varieties have in store for the future of our harvests.”

This event wasn’t just an opportunity to show off the strength of these varieties of tomatoes, as well as a venue for collaboration. Participants, which included the local members of cooperatives as well as independent farmers, discussed their experiences and the best practices to improve the techniques for crop management. The discussions covered a variety of subjects from effective techniques for irrigation to integrated pest control, each aimed at increasing yields in a sustainable manner.

Manier Seeds plans to extend its testing activities within the Almeria region, focusing on places such as El Ejido, ensuring that many more farmers benefit from the robust tomato varieties. The next trials will concentrate on the evaluation of the performance of these tomato varieties under various environment conditions, with particular emphasis placed on resistance to disease as well as the quality of yield.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies