California table grapes, highly anticipated both in markets in the U.S. and markets around the globe

Mountain View Fruit Sales announces their harvest season for grapes is scheduled for beginning of June. The Estate Vineyards(r) Table Grapes label will come in red, black and green varieties of grapes. “This season’s harvest is expected to provide exceptional quality grapes that will have the biggest berry in the earliest varieties that will be picked,” says George Matoian the grower and sales agent for Mountain View Fruit Sales.

“The Estate Vineyards(r) label is synonymous with quality, and this year’s harvest isn’t an any different. Produced with utmost attention and commitment the grapes we cultivate to perfection. We make sure that every single cluster is up to the very highest standards in terms of flavor as well as texture and look,” Matoian commented.

George Matoian

Prepared for the heat of summer

Mountain View Mountain View staff is extremely happy about the upcoming harvest of grapes. Although the weather in the season of growth has been positive, California is currently experiencing a heatwave and extreme temperatures are predicted to continue for the next few weeks. “To fight this, and to limit the effect on our fruit the company has increased its nutritional program for the vine and cut down on the amount of crop we harvest twice to ensure that your grapes in a balance condition during the upcoming storm,” Matoian shared. “Executing the exacting practices of growing could yield some of the most delicious wines we’ve ever seen.”

Mountain View believes their Estate Vineyards(r) grapes reflect their the company’s commitment to quality, and anticipates clients to be able to taste the benefits of these premium grapes. When the time for harvest is nearing Mountain View is getting ready to sell the finest table grapes available in a myriad of markets, both foreign and domestic consumers to taste. 70% of the company’s fruit is sold on the market in the United States, and the remainder exports to other countries around the world. Outside of the United States, Mountain View table grapes can be enjoyed throughout Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Central America as well as Singapore. Keep an eye out to find out the official beginning of the season for harvest.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies