“We operate a constant improvement plan to improve the product to stay on the top of technological advancement”

It is important to note that the New Zealand fruit industry is highly export-oriented and has to comply with strict standards for exports. The solution to the issue of pest contamination that hindered exports to important markets was discovered through an high-pressure washing machine for fruits that was developed in collaboration with Plant and Food Research NZ as well as the industry, and was manufactured through CR Automation. The initial product that was released upon this partnership was released in the year 2012. The collaboration has continued to evolve since then. CR Automation have continued to develop the technology, and currently offer a range of washing equipment for fruit that meets different cleaning specifications and varieties of fruits.

“The particularity that it was designed specifically to wash fruits according to specifications needed for entry into countries with strict rules regarding biosecurity creates a unique product and when the efficacy of cleaning was proved, it was a no-brainer to use the CR Automation washing system very quickly became the top choice for cleaning in New Zealand,” explains Perry Field, CEO at CR Automation.

In the past, the apple export originated from New Zealand was severely hit as Cyclone Gabrielle hit just as apple harvest was getting underway. The year that has come so far has been an excellent year for growers.

“Several of the biggest apple packers from New Zealand are adding to the capacity of their high pressure washers for the next season as well as beyond. Certain of these firms have put off CAPEX plans after Cyclone Gabrielle however, these initiatives are taken up once more. Other companies are seeking to increase capacity as a result of the change in volume, as well as new plantations being added to the stream, as well as adjustments to the mix of variety.”

High-pressure rotary apple washer JetWash HPW, is the flagship product of CR Automation as well as one of the most effective pest-control apple washers available. “We operate a constant enhancement program in order to improve this product, and remain at the top of technological advancements. A large portion of the changes come from discussions with customers as well as our existing customers. We’ve introduced a brand new 10 lane width in order to meet the requirements for throughput. We’re also considering including computer vision into the feed of the washer and using this data to optimize the operation of the washer parameters.”

Avocado washer

Tests have been carried out for the avocado washer and its efficiency has been confirmed. The avocado industry within New Zealand and Australia is in a challenging time due to oversupply and lower profits. “Once the market gets back to normal and we see an increase in increase in the demand for this product due to its reliability in cleaning as well as its lower costs of running.”

Its JetWash HPW (high pressure washer) runs at 200 to 300 psi of pressure using rotating spray nozzles within the washing zone. It has been proved to be most effective in removing apple pests. Because of the pressure that is used and the rotating components this system requires periodic maintenance to keep it optimal. It is the JetWash TPW (Targeted Pressure Washer) that is the one that is used to wash avocados but also can be utilized for any other type of fruit. It operates at lower pressures with fixed nozzles but has there are more.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies