“Victoria grapes offer a fascinating market”

From 1989 onwards, the business Torremesa located in Cadiz, Spain, has focused on the production of table grapes on their farm along the Atlantic coast. It is located in between the municipalities of Rota and Chipiona that makes it one of the very first producer in Europe.

“We have just begun the season of table grapes. This year’s quality is amazing due to the climate conditions have been perfect for the ripening and production of grapes. The winds have been mostly westerly all through the one month, that are cooler, and aid in helping to allow the fruit to ripen at its individual pace,” says Cristobal Diaz. “Above all the difference in temperature between the day and night time in June was really beneficial for red grapes, and helped them develop greater color.”

“The size this year is very great. The harvest has already begun for our Victoria grapes, which are XXL in size. The grapes are grown in Torremesa In fact it is the place where we typically find one of the finest Victoria grapes that are available,” he says. “We have started to harvest the black variety with no seeds Sweet Bond, this week we’re starting with the strawberry-flavored variety Candy Snaps, and at the end of July, we begin with sweet Globe.” Sweet Globe variety.”

“Without any doubt, the seedless grapes remain the most popular and most sought-after, however seeded grapes, provided they are properly handled, are a niche. Some of the more classic varieties that are always around for a long time, like the Victoria and the Victoria, continue to be appreciated and eaten, and have an intriguing market.”

Torremesa is a table grape producer in the market of its own country as well as exports to Netherlands, Germany, France, Scandinavia and the UK, “where the Spanish product is highly regarded.” They cooperate with both the traditional wholesale markets like the retailer Mercadona or Mercamadrid The most significant fresh food distribution marketing, processing, and logistics company in Spain.

When it comes to prices related to prices, “right now they stand at a good level,” says Cristobal. “I am also of the opinion that due to the high quality that we’re offering, we’ll have the ability to keep obtaining reasonable costs.”

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Carretera Munive, km. 7

11520 Rota, Cadiz, Spain

P.O. Box 231

11540 Sanlucar de Bda, Spain

Tel. : +34 647 95 38 54

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies