Prices are higher for Costa Rican pineapples

The supply of pineapples is continuing to be on the lower aspect. “The production of Costa Rica is currently looking at lower yields” states Sofia Acon of Kapi Kapi Growers. “This can be attributed to a variety of elements, such as adverse weather conditions as well as higher prices for supplies that led to a decrease in yields that began over an year ago. The results are now showing of this.”

Kapi Kapi ships pineapples from Costa Rica year-round. In addition to the classic and Crownless variety of pineapple The newest addition to the growing range of the company are Oro. Oro pineapple. Its name is derived from the Spanish term for gold, and it has a high shell hue.

Smooth movement

The demand for pineapples remains constant. “There tend to be peaks on the market for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and various other celebrations.”

A sustainable production model is an important distinguishing factor for Kapi Kapi. “There’s growing interest in such a type of agriculture within North America,” Acon states. Although the company holds its Certified Sustainable Grown as well as Rainforest Alliance certifications, it’s seeking to obtain its carbon Neutral certification by 2024.

In terms of pricing the pineapple, it has been higher but has been stable for the past few weeks. “We’re hoping that the price stays stable like it was for all of this year due to the supply of pineapple,” Acon says. Acon.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies