Avocados are available all year round to Asia

Mission Produce, Inc. announces that it will attend Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong beginning on sept. 6 to 8, 2023 including a special presence from the Peruvian Operations team, who will facilitate discussions on Mission’s quality management throughout the entire process from harvest until the time of delivery. Mission Produce will also showcase its ongoing advancements in vertical integration in order to ensure a consistent production for customers in the Asia market.

“Mission Produce has an opportunity to increase demand for mature avocados from Asia,” said John Sheehy Export Sales Manager. “We can supply all year round by implementing a strategy for sourcing strategically that allows us to diversify our supply across the year. We also have a vertical integration which increases reliable supply. Additionally, our expertise in cold chain management system, cutting-edge technology, and on-farm hydrocooling and much more, ensure consistency in high-quality. We are looking forward to collaborating with customers about the countless benefits of choosing Mission Produce as a strategic Partner.”

John Sheehy, Export Sales Representative.

Additionally to Sheehy and Sheehy, Mission Produce will also be in attendance. Mission Produce group that will be present will also consist of Taka Fujishima who is the Asia sales representative, as well as Michael Horney, Director of Commercial Operations in Peru, who will give specialized information regarding Mission’s Peruvian fields and packing processes.

Mission Produce is vertically integrated across Peru, Colombia, and Guatemala which includes 5,600 acres of production by June 2023 as well being 250 hectares of cultivation within South Africa as of February 2023. Mission Produce currently sources from Peru, California, Chile, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic for the Asian markets. After the arrangement for exporting avocado of South Africa to China, Mission Produce Company is planning to incorporate South Africa as a supplemental sources of supply for China by 2024.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies