Iranian onions aren’t enough to ease the problems of consumers in Pakistan

The arrival of Iranian onions into the Pakistani market has not helped the problems of consumers, with costs ranging from about Rs200 to 240 for a kg, despite their subpar flavor and poor quality. The traders say that most consumers steer clear of imports due to the fact that they are not able to compete with the high-quality local onions.

However the onion exporters have been taking advantage of the huge international demand by exporting huge amounts to Far East, UAE, as well as Sri Lanka. It is in response to a prohibition in place by India for its own exports from December 2023. It is expected to run until March 2024.

But however, this Pakistani government’s decision to increase the minimum price for exports (MEP) for exports of onions from $750 to $1200 per ton, in order to cut local prices have proved to be counterproductive for consumers. Retailers have been reported to be selling top-quality local onion at a price of Rs300 per kilo with the claim that it’s good enough for export.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies