Chinese onions are becoming popular in Banglash market

Chinese onions have gained a lot of attention in the wholesale market that are located in Khatunganj, Asadganj, and Chaktai in Chattogram which is outshining Indian or Myanmar varieties. The low cost in the price of Chinese onions has attracted citizens of the city to buy the onions in huge quantities during these past few days. A large amount of Chinese onions continue arriving at Khatunganj The onions were being transported in air-conditioned containers via Chattogram port. Chattogram port.

Available at prices that range between Tk50 to 55, dependent on the quality, Chinese onions tend to be larger in their size. Restaurant owners, particularly would prefer larger Chinese onions because of their cost, which is lower than smaller ones. They are sold in two varieties which are: red onions for Tk50 and white onions for Tk55 Each bag comprising 20 kg of onions.

The availability in Indian onions is decreasing and this is leading to higher costs. The cost of Indian onions, which ranged from Tk93-95, is now Tk98. Markets for retail in Chattogram show this trend in which Chinese onions are priced at 65 to 70 rupees while Indian onions cost Tk100 to 110. Wholesalers and retail stores are altering their choices according to market trends as well as the increasing demand for Chinese onions has a direct impact on the entire onion market across the region.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies