Onions are rotting in Bangladesh buyers’ shortage

The Dinajpur importers who operate the Hili landport are facing problems for having difficulty selling onions that are imported from India because of the lack of buyers. A majority of the onions currently stored in warehouses are rotten because of the temperature. This is why vendors are selling the onions for Tk10 per kilogram.

According to those who import, Indore and Nashik varieties of onions imported from India are still being transported via in the Hili Landport. The port is where good top quality Indore onions are available at Tk50 as well as the Nasik varieties at Tk55 per kilogram. On the other hand, top quality onions are available at Tk45 and lower-quality onions are priced at 10-20 Tk per kilogram in the warehouses of a variety of importers at the port.

One person, who was involved in harvesting onions in the warehouse, stated: “We pick rotten onions at the storage facilities of different exporters at the port. I get Tk20 per bag. The ones that are rotten are stored in one location, while the best ones are kept in warehouses. My family lives on the money I make from this job all day long.”

Sohrab Hossain who is the Public Relations Officer of Hili land port, told: “Onion import continues through the port on land. But the imports are decreasing.”

[ Tk100 = EUR0.84 ]

Source: dhakatribune.com

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies