Indian authorities decide to inject 100,000 tonnes of onions into the markets for retail

The Indian government has opted to introduce 100,000 tons of onions in the market for retail this month in order to bring down costs. The Secretary of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Rohit Kumar Singh has said that the government realized that retail intervention can be more efficient over the wholesale market. Singh added that the ministry has identified certain retailers in the country that will see the onion to be released.

According to the data of the government according to the government data, the price for onions sold in the retail market in Delhi was around 70-80 dollars per kilogram. Other parts of the nation, the price can vary from Rs 41 to 70 cents per kilogram.

“Rs 100 equals EUR1.10 (Rs 100 x EUR 1.10)


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies