The launch of Twenty Degrees brings new produce to the table

Apple & Pear Australia Ltd. (APAL) has unveiled its most recent business venture Twenty Degrees, a new commercial organization that has partnered with customers to convert their intellectual property for fruit and vegetables into international fresh produce brands.

Twenty Degrees’ creation Twenty Degrees marks the beginning of a new chapter within commercialisation of branded, fresh fruit and vegetables, which combines APAL’s distinct expertise in licensing and intellectual properties (IP) management expertise along with the knowledge of Coregeo APAL’s fully owned UK subsidiary that is responsible for the marketing of Pink Lady(r) along with other well-known fresh-cut fruit and vegetable brands.

The company combines specialist knowledge of IP protection and strategic marketing with branding management, quality assurance Compliance, territorial management and licensing, the new company aims to turn the freshest produce into globally recognized quickly-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies.

An entirely owned company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of APAL, Twenty Degrees is set to lead in the development of commercially viable fresh and branded products, using the potential that its international teams as well as its global resources in order to create household names worldwide.

“We’re delighted by the incredible opportunities that come from combining the strengths of Coregeo as well as APAL’s teams” stated Phil Turnbull, Group CEO of Twenty Degrees. “This new company will offer an excellent chance to our international teams and our clients to collaborate to create world-class FMCG brands that will provide greater benefits to partners all over the globe.”

In this shift, APAL will retain ownership of trade marks in use today which include the famous Pink Lady(r) and will license Twenty Degrees to manage these trademarks.

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Cassie Whelan

Apple & Pear Australia Ltd.


Twenty Deg

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies