“Growing customer demand for the concept of service in relation to RTE products”

An entire service offering around exotic fruits, including ripening and packaging. This is the Fruit Service Collective’s (FSC) which is an autonomous business unit of the MAGO holding company’s main goal. FSC will begin operating at a 6600m2 facility within the Meer transportation zone from May 2024. In addition to ripening and packing, FSC also provides customs clearance services and quality control as well as logistical support, distribution and more. Initial reactions were positive, Evy van Gastel reports.

Evi van Gastel

Fruit Service Collective will begin with avocados and mangos. It will in the future, it could be supplemented with stone fruit and kiwis. In the initial phase, the warehouse will be home to the ripening cell and cold storage spaces. “In the subsequent and final phase, we’ll add several ripening cell types and complete machine automation. There are further expansion possibilities including an adjoining warehouse that is an additional 6600m2 and offices.” Evy explains.

Concerning ripening, the latest firm is a departure of the standard approach, using the Frigotec Softripe system. “This artificial intelligence technology allows fruit to ripen without stress. It allows us to substantially extend the shelf space of fruits but also preserve the flavor drastically reducing waste, sorting and energy costs. Additionally, we are able to store the fruits under optimal temperatures to carefully and carefully wrap the fruits. Transportation is offered in the hope of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Recycling waste packaging and other processing materials into products that are new is an integral one of the main focuses as well.”

“After carefully examining the European fruit market we found a growing need for providers of services that concentrate on product expertise, expertise and customer intimacy. Our primary goal is complete removal of burdens on customers,” notes Evy, in reference to the increasing desire for exotics. “Whether the potential for growth can be tapped into is contingent on factors such as promotions, weather conditions, inflation in the global market, as well as air cargo acceptance limitations. Consumption per capita varies greatly across countries, and marketing strategies will determine. In addition, the awareness about healthy eating has been growing recently. The trend is likely to directly affect the way we consume food, assuming that the prices at supermarkets remain reasonable.”

Unity and strength

Beginning with a holistic view, FSC wants to steadily increase its size in the coming years. “We believe in the concept of unification and therefore are placing our bets on collaborations. This will put us in an advantageous position for the future. We also want to be different in this industry and bring an added value by introducing new technologies as well as a long-term commitment. As a result, we are confident that we can become the best leader in five years.” says Evy.

Fruit Service Collective

Evi van Gastel



Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies