Sales and demand are stable on the US as well as European marketplaces for Ecuadorian papayas

The peak season for Ecuador papaya harvest is beginning with a steady demand, and selling in US as well as European markets. David Velez, sales manager of Ecuadorian exporter Roses & Fresh Fruits by Ayelen Living Memories, says the climate in Ecuador is ideal to grow this fruit.

“Papaya is one of the fruits which is eaten by everyone and the production process is normal in our nation of Ecuador that has favorable climate. Prices and demand in these markets are common. The product is shipped in Europe, Canada and the United States at a price of $1.20 for a kilogram.,” says Velez.

They cultivate the papaya over 10 acres. There are two varieties of papaya, specifically Camila and Hawaiian that are able to be transformed into 17 containers that weigh each weighing 280 kilograms. It is produced in 3,840 boxes of 4.5 kilograms each.

Velez adds that they work together with various smaller farmers in Ecuador but they are mostly those that reside on Costa, Oriente and Sierra. In addition to papayas, they procure and ship baby mango as well as the mangifera indica varieties, and yellow dragon fruits.

“We specialize in fruits starting from seeds to commercialisation. We’re an export business which also deals in the Ecuadorian exotic fruits like the physalis, granadilla, the purple passion fruit, figs Tamarillo, and Hass avocado. Small-scale farmers we buy from adhere to Fair Trade policies and follow the best agricultural practices.”

“In my home country, we are able to enjoy papaya throughout the year but the period from between January and June, it is the peak production time. In the month of July through December is low-production season. We have the capacity for market orders,” Velez says. Velez.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies