Dole is a supplier of high-quality fruit and vegetables from Asia to be featured at Asia Fruit Logistica

The 6th of September, 2023, 16th Asia Fruit Logistica returned to AsiaExpo in Hong Kong. This event gathers the most renowned worldwide companies for fruit and vegetables in order to showcase all the benefits chain that is the fresh fruit and vegetable business. Nearly 700 exhibitors representing 43 regions and countries take part in the show to exhibit cutting-edge products and services that include fresh fruit and vegetables technological innovations, machinery logistical and new technology for a smarter agriculture.

Dole takes part in the 2023 Asia Fruit Logistica

Since its long-term partnership with The AFL, Dole Asia Holdings is actively engaged in this since the very first season. This year Dole is also bringing together international viewers and purchasers from Asia as well as around the globe providing high-end fruits and veggies for the AFL.

More than 50 varieties of vegetables and fruits of various Asian nations are featured in the AFL stage. Dole’s top-quality products are well-known across the globe.

This exhibition Dole chooses top-quality production areas across the globe and offers more than 50 varieties of premium new exhibits. These include not just Dole Super Sweet Banana, Best Choice Banana, Golden Pineapple and other top-selling star brands throughout Asia and beyond, but also brand exclusive and innovative items that are well-known across China like Dole Golden Puyat Durian, Sweet Palermo Peppers and Queen Nina Grape, which are set to debut during the AFL show.

Dole Asia Star Products

Many brand new and original products revealed

Dole has also introduced the IP-branded co-branded products of Minions as well as Disney in the AFL show for the first time. The only company within the industry of fruit with both the international IP rights from Minions as well as Shanghai Disney Resort, Dole has repeatedly launched a variety of co-branded IP products that are loved by the public in the past few time. These included products like the Disney’s Toy Story blueberries, Minions co-branded super sweet bananas Minions sweet corn that is co-branded with Minions as well as other items which are widely appreciated by customers are also on display at the show, and attracted large numbers of people.

Dole Brings Minions as well as Disney IP products to the show

Large-scale and diversified exhibitions with top-quality standards, AFL provides a good opportunity for industry professionals to meet new business partners as well as strengthen relationships with existing ones. Tens of thousands of professionals attendees and buyers visit the show, and the extensive Dole exhibits attract a variety of potential partners for collaboration. Dole is also active in communicating with partners for agreements for cooperation.

Dole Asia’s top representatives visited the booth

Dole Golden Puyat Durian debuted at an international event for the first time. The brand newcomer to the durian business astonished everyone.

Dole Philippine Golden Puyat durian was introduced to China for the first time in 2023. Being a world-renowned producer of fruits, Dole has become the first to introduce Philippine durian in China. In this show, Dole Philippines Golden Puyat durian was also introduced on an international stage.

Dole Golden Puyat Durian

Dole Philippines Golden Puyat Durian is made by the company in Davao City, the “City of Durian”. Davao is located in a tropical monsoon rainforest climate, which is bordered by mountains and an important maritime climate. The temperature, rainfall as well as air pressure are not wildly fluctuating during the entire year, but the sun is adequate. Temperatures are always within the maximum growth temperatures of durian at 20 to 32 degrees that is a great environment for the growth of the durian business.

distinctive climate of Davao known as the “City of Durian” is perfectly ideal for the development of durian

Dole Golden Puyat durians are taken from trees more than 20 years older. In contrast to other fruits which can produce fruit within 3 to 5 years of their the planting date, durian trees begin to produce fruit at the age of five years of growth they typically do be fruitless until eighth year. Furthermore, Dole adheres to its strict quality standards. From harvesting the fruits on the tree, to packaging and transport, the fruit has to go through three different process of grading and screening in order to ensure that durians of the highest maturity will be exported into market in the Chinese market. Following the picking process, there are approximately 10 rounds of washing and processing each one of which must pass through a series of checks and quality assurance by senior local fruit experts to make sure that the freshly picked fruits delivered to buyers are of the highest quality Puyat durians. Each piece is a 4 room pulp. The rich and mellow durian’s distinctive sweetness fills tastes of the mouth and is followed by the soft custard-like, soft pulp that fills your mouth. Furthermore, Philippine Golden Puyat durian is a little pit, and the highest meat yield and therefore you can take a bite of durian without any regret.

Dole’s older fruit lovers carefully choose the best Puyat durians

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies