Winds and rain that are not in time damage Burhanpur banana plantations

The torrential rains and violent winds have damaged the remaining banana plants in Burhanpur district this Sunday. Farmers who grow bananas within Burhanpur district have suffered significant losses due to heavy rains and floods destroyed their farmlands. They were mostly destroyed by floods in Ratagarh, Ambara, Dawalikhurd, Devri Mal and other zones that are part of the Nepanagar area. Nimbola in Burhanpur as well as Shekhapur in the Khaknar the Khaknar region.

In the Dawalikhurd region, the local farmer Shobharam Jadhav was a victim of a huge losses, while over 10 farmers living in Ambada, Dawalikala, Higna, Linga and Deori Malwere were directly affected.


Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies