“We held a prominent spot inside Hall 25, which generated lots of visitors”

Fruit Logistica, a notable event in the trade of food and beverage industry was held from 7 February to 9 February in the month of February. Salix Fruits reflects on their involvement.

“It is always a joy to be a part of Fruit Logistica every year. It’s the gathering place for visitors from around the globe This year’s edition was certainly no an exception,” said Juan Gonzalez Pita CEO at Salix Fruits, an importer and exporter of fruit that is fresh. “Despite certain challenges, for instance, the timing of the fair coincides with Chinese New Year, the show attracted a variety of people from across the globe which makes it an international occasion.”

The Salix Fruits team at this year’s Fruit Logistica.

In the course of the festival More than 66,000 guests took part in various events. The total number of exhibitors was 2,770. showcased their latest innovations.

Salix Fruits’ participation in the event was extremely productive, with Salix Fruits’ staff conducting more than 150 meetings. “We were in a great position within Hall 25, which generated many visitors, as well as allowed us to network with our colleagues across the business,” added Gonzalez Pita.

The team of the company held more than 150 meetings during the event.

A preliminary study of the attendees and exhibitors showed that about half exhibitors had concluded contracts during the show 90% of them expect the follow-up businesses to be positive. The positive feedback is evident by Salix Fruits’ intention to be a participant at Fruit Logistica in the future.

“This fair achieved its purpose of serving as an international event in the fruit and vegetable industry. It was a great opportunity to make business connections and discover business opportunities an exciting and stimulating atmosphere,” said Gonzalez Pita.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies