“We have trebled our greenhouse area”

The Egyptian watermelon harvest is set to begin this year, with one company that has poured massively in increasing production, claims Reham Kamal, the export and marketing director of Egyptian fruit and vegetable exporter Egypt Fresh Energy: “In in response to a growing the demand for watermelons in last year’s season the company has tripled its greenhouse acres to a number of 101 greenhouses. This increase is anticipated to produce 4000 tonnes of watermelons this year. The Moroccan watermelon harvest is expected to begin in May and last until June.”

According Kamal, according to Kamal this season won’t be free of challenges. “Egypt’s watermelon season has many difficulties. Temperatures that are high and the possibility of shortages of water can seriously affect the quantity of fruit we harvest and its quality. In order to address this issue we use multiple strategies. We firstly, employ modern greenhouse technologies. Utilizing system for controlling the climate which optimize conditions for growth inside our greenhouses. We ensure the highest levels of humidity and temperature.”

“Secondly We utilize techniques to manage water use, such as we employ water-saving irrigation methods including drip irrigation, which reduces consumption of water and maximize the efficiency. In addition, we cultivate drought-resistant varieties by carefully picking watermelon varieties renowned for their ability to withstand heat and dry climates.” Kamal states.

To Fresh Energy, the main trade markets for the watermelons are throughout Europe, Kamal explains: “We are currently exporting watermelons to the major grocery stores across Germany as well as England like Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and Carrefour. Additionally, we own an inventory in Hungary and are planning to extend the reach of our business to Russia in the coming year. Fresh Energy is optimistic about the demand for watermelons in the present and notes that this fruit is a sought-after refreshing drink for summer in many regions across the globe. In order to stay ahead of market, we’re growing a range of watermelon varieties which are popular and include Lusitania (5-10kgs), Morgan (14kgs), Oneida (semi-seeded) and Cantaloupe Sulgum.”

“Overall we’re anticipating the watermelon season to be a good one. The increased capacity for production as well as our diverse range of product offerings and well-established export channels help position us to be able to satisfy the demands of our clients,” Kamal concludes.

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Reham Kamal

Egypt Fresh Energy

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies