U.S. research explores red cabbage juice as a treatment for IBD relief

Researchers from the University of Missouri, led by Dr. Satya Rachagani, are researching the impact of the juice from red cabbage on IBD (IBD) by using mouse models that closely resemble humans with ulcerative colitis. It was found that the mice treated with Red cabbage juice therapy showed significant reductions in symptoms like bleeding in the feces, diarrhea and averted weight loss. These results are similar to the normal health of mice.

This remedy, which is natural, has been shown as a way to increase the number of gut-friendly bacteria which can reduce colonic inflammation and improving the health of your gut. Rachagani’s study aims at strengthening the immune system as well as the overall health of digestion, specifically targeting the inflammation responsible for discomfort for IBD sufferers. Contrary to traditional treatments which provide some relief from symptoms, drinking red cabbage juice offers a chance to change the path of progression of IBD. In the context of IBD being a major concern for three million Americans and potentially causing serious medical complications when left untreated This study highlights the necessity of speaking with healthcare experts prior to incorporating the juice of red cabbage into the treatment regimens to treat IBD symptoms.

Source: missourinet.com

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies