“Sea cost of freight has risen to nearly 20 percent and have accelerated competition in the market for loggers of temperature and humidity”

The best time to harvest stone fruits from the south of the hemisphere is coming to an end. In the report by Frutas de Chile, Chilean fruit such as plums and peaches have had the highest export rates over the last few years. The plum products, specifically are doing exceptionally well making Chile the second-biggest export of fresh fruits to China following cherries. The growth in exports of fruits is also fueling the sector’s increasing demand for temperature and humidity logs.

Beijing Sino-Agricultural Biosciences Co., Ltd. recently unveiled the high-tech disposable datalogger and the demand for it continues to expand. Siya Lena, sales manager for Beijing Sino-Agricultural Biosciences, stated, “Compared to 3G and 4G connected temperature and humidity dataloggers that are disposable, USB temperature loggers offer huge opportunity for commercialization. The recently introduced U-tech disposable temperature logger is made of food-grade plastic that is waterproof and safe as well as very easy to operate. Users only have connect the device to an electronic device, and then an electronic temperature report will be instantly generated, without the need for software or reading.”

Siya has highlighted the benefits of this product and noted “The major benefit that the U-tech disposable USB temperature recorder is its value for money, while meeting the needs of traders to trading. The USB temperature logger does not have a network and is 6-10 times less expensive than 4G models.”

“The four-G time and temperature humiditylogger series is not complete The coverage for the network isn’t sufficient. In addition, manufacturing costs have been rising due to the instability of the market for chips. So, we stopped sales of our 4G product in the early part of this year, focusing on marketing and selling the fundamental U-tech device. Our consumable USB temperature recorder has had steady sales growth over recent time,” Siya explained. “Besides its value for money it also uses TI Digital Temperature Sensors that offer superior accuracy as well as consistency. This sensor has the temperature measurement from -30degC up to +70degC. The accuracy is +-0.5degC/0.9degF with resolution of 0.01degC/degF. Its maximum number of data points is 14,400 which can be recorded for a period as long as 120 days.”

According to Siya the current time is the season of peak fruit production throughout the Northern Hemisphere, but recent costs for ocean freight that have increased by around 20% have caused certain companies to cut their exports. This makes the marketplace for temperature and humidity Loggers very and competitive.

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies