The Agroforestry Group Begins Plantation Tours for Air Travelers

The Agroforestry Group is thrilled that starting on Monday, November 29th Malaysia and Singapore will begin a vaccinated travel lane (VTL) between Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Under the VTL, fully vaccinated travelers from Singapore can fly into Malaysia without the need for any quarantine or stay home notice.

As a result of flights finally resuming Agroforestry Group is pleased to announce that it has started accepting tour reservations for its plantations in Johor.

Mr. Paul Martin, the Agroforestry Group MD said: “We are delighted that air travel without the need for quarantine is beginning. Singapore is a key strategic market for us but we have been unable to proceed with a number of our plans since travel restrictions began. The opening of the travel lane allows us to finally welcome Singapore-based visitors and enables us to ramp up our operations.”

Agroforestry Group’s plantations in Johor have been operating as per normal since the coronavirus pandemic began. Agroforestry Group visits however have been closed to international travelers since last year. Mr. Martin stated that flight and hotel bookings have surged since the VTL announcement and recommended interested visitors reach out to the company to make arrangements as soon as possible.

The Malaysia-Singapore VTL was announced in a joint statement by both countries on Monday, November 8th. It also marks Malaysia’s first scheme that allows international visitors to enter Malaysia without the need for quarantine. The reopening covers only air travel at the moment but land travel via the Causeway or Second Link is expected to follow in the coming months.

About  The Agroforestry Group
Established in 2015, Agroforestry Group has applied its thirty years of private forestry management into the establishment and commercial development of durian and agarwood plantations and product distribution and sales. As an asset class, agriculture and forestry have expanded rapidly over the last decade due to interest from risk-averse private investors attracted by the green credentials of the industry and the long-term high returns of the Agroforestry Group.

SOURCE: Agroforestry Group