“Technology provides many benefits in both low and high season”

The planning agency p2raumdesign, based in Nordheim, has developed a new front panel specifically for fresh produce counters that are used by many direct-marketing companies throughout Germany that can be removed from the counter’s frame as needed. The counter can be fully operational with sales representatives in such a manner that it is possible to see in the blink of an eye, a temporary cooling display can be placed on the counter for self-service. One report on an inquiry.

A view of Strampe family’s farm store. This day, Dagmar and Peter Strampe along with Max Strampe, their son Max Strampe, produce asparagus on around 65 hectares of asparagus. They also grow twelve ha of blueberries as well as about 1 ha of raspberries, in the protected area of their cultivars.

The previous year, P2raumdesign had already implemented the technology on a massive size in the farm store at the Strampe asparagus farm located in Lower Saxony for refrigerated asparagus and the sale of berries. Feedback from the initial campaign was very favorable, according to the company’s spokesperson. “The technology provides many advantages for both seasonal peak as well as off-peak. In peak seasons the best bulk food items are available for sale at full-service. In the winter or if required, the window in front can be opened to display items that have been packaged, for example fruit in bowls or asparagus which is chilled in self-service,” describes Rainer Palinkasch from P2raumdesign.

In order to improve the area of access for the client when the window on the front lowers, the top vertical glass supports (number shelf) of the counter could be moved towards the rear. This will also help in the clean-up of the merchandise displayed from the front according to.

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In comparison to the former farm store Spargelhof Strampe now has three more sales space and that is the reason both the normal refrigerated space as well as a freezer food section could be constructed. Because of the requirements for structural design that required two sections that included an asparagus counter as well as counters for berries, eventually required to be built. Each counter has lower front panels, so they can be used there in service or self-service modes. Furthermore, at the close of the asparagus or berry season, the counters could be used with no refrigeration for shelving or display displays to display other items. The shelves for display inside the counters are adjustable in height which means they can be adjustable to the size of crates or trays.

One of the highlights of this modern farm shop, according to him it was the lighting that was specifically designed for food. These luminaires feature a large LED CRI rating, which means they have a very high index of color rendering. The result is that the rendering of colors being replicated exactly one-to-1 by the device, P2raumdesign said. In addition, to draw attention the three decorative lights that have a golden color inside were set up in the entry room. These lamps are fitted with CRI light sources to ensure that the colors that correspond to the item are shown.

The highly sophisticated technology is currently only utilized by Germany however, additional projects within neighboring France are in the process of being designed.

The Strampe family’s farm shop was equipped with a modern air conditioning system, made specifically for food use as well as the mobile display place Liftboxx that was awarded the expoSE Innovation Award the year 2018. The Liftboxx was placed right in front of the entryway for the presentation of potatoes and apples, and was adapted to the size of standard Crate sizes. The elevation of the floor of the delivery, i.e. the display surface of the Liftboxx can be constantly adjustable by an integrated lifting and lowering mechanism. One of the advantages is the ability to be altered to suit the

The Liftboxx can be elevated to the top to the upper edge of the Liftboxx in accordance with the volume of the sales.

Modular farm shop ideas are on the rise

Another method that is being observed with greater interest by those in the business is the concept of farm shops with modular designs (containers) according to Palinkasch. “Currently there’s an increase in demand for this subject in conjunction with self-service concepts that integrate to provide a consistent solution this is in part due to the current workforce shortage as well as the excessive cost of labor. The concept is already being developed. initial plans.”

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Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies