Insufficient supply of asparagus in South Africa

South Africa is exporting less asparagus than the traditional producers and is experiencing a deficiency of asparagus.

The Johannesburg municipal market’s website, an exceptionally low quantity of asparagus has been reported as currently being offered (in 200 g punnets) at R140 (6.8 euros) per kilogram.

The most popular season to import asparagus starts in March to the close in August. It is largely originates from Mexico as well as Peru.

The lower volume this year has been imported, and the decline of the exchange rate Rand-Dollar is a costly product to purchase.

The local asparagus industry is moving into transition

There are a few commercial asparagus producers that remain within South Africa and little re-investment in the traditional regions such as Ficksburg, FreshPlaza is told.

In the meantime, asparagus-related projects across the Free State and even in neighboring countries are in the process of being developed.

Asparagus is a long-term investment requirement Asparagus plants mature after the third year, and then after 15 years, they need to be replaced.

The timing of asparagus increasing could put off investors and other factors such as labor costs, but there’s an abundance of market for the asparagus South Africa.

Source: The Plantations International Agroforestry Group of Companies